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2022 May

All about the red-bottom shoes

In 2008, Louboutin filed for trademark protection in the US for their signature red-bottom shoes and were granted a trademark.

2022 May

A Season of Sanctions

The on-going war between Russia and Ukraine has had severe consequences in the world of intellectual property (IP) rights.

2022 April

Intellectual Piracy in RUssia

Trademark is a core means for companies to protect their brands from imitations and uphold their reputation.

2022 March

Are You at Risk of Copyright Infringement?

These exclusive rights serve as a deterrence from unsolicited copying of the work, provided that the work is not contrary to public morality.

2022 February

Trademark Protection in a Metaverse World

To minimize these IP risks, big brands have initiated steps towards protecting their IP assets in the virtual world.

2022 August

The Importance of Trademarks in Trademark Franchising

A popular way that companies may protect their brands are by registering their trademarks.

2022 August

Shoosh, it's a trade secret!!!

Even more impressive is the fact that Coca-Cola’s recipe has remained a trade secret since it was invented in 1886.

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