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Natasha Mohunlal


Global Leaders Life Hacking

Natasha Mohunlal Season 6

"Global Leaders Life Hacking with Rajiv Mothie" is a YouTube series featuring interviews with global leaders sharing life skills, tips, and tricks.

The series aims to inspire viewers to unlock their inner potential and become the best version of themselves.

Rajiv Mothie hosts discussions with individuals such as Amisha, Sholane, Netsai, Sandra, and Meghan, who share insights on personal development and success.

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Global Leaders Life Hacking

Natasha Mohunlal Season 8

The series emphasizes learning from diverse global leaders, making it a valuable resource for those seeking guidance on their journey to self-improvement.

By featuring a variety of voices and perspectives, "Global Leaders with Rajiv Mothie" creates a rich tapestry of guidance for individuals seeking motivation and self-improvement. The content not only emphasizes professional success but also highlights the personal journeys and lessons learned by these global leaders.


Chat Show with Natasha Mohunlal, Managing Director

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