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Our motto is placing “our clients at the pinnacle of our practice."



We take pride in servicing our clients’ intellectual property needs to the best of our ability.



Our firm has a wealth of experience in working with and representing local clients and multinationals with well-known international brands.



Our processes are based on best practices and our systems are uniquely tweaked to cater for optimal interaction and timely responses.

Welcome to Natasha Mohunlal and Associates

Who Is Natasha Mohunlal?

Introducing Natasha Mohunlal, a remarkable individual who skillfully harmonizes entrepreneurship, motherhood, and social responsibility. As a proud mother of two, Natasha seamlessly integrates her personal and professional spheres, embodying the essence of balance and fulfillment that goes beyond traditional family life.

Fuelled by an unwavering passion for creating positive change, Natasha has successfully charted her course as a flourishing entrepreneur while embracing a profound sense of social responsibility.


Years of Experience

Natasha Mohunlal & Associates Inc received the prestigious South African Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year award at the 2022 Middle East Africa (MEA) Business Awards. In addition, Natasha herself was honored with the Women in IP Award 2022 at the Gorilla Virtual IP Conference held in Utah, USA, on the 27th of July, 2022. NMA IP also clinched the top IP Law Firm title in the Corporate LiveWire Innovation and Excellence, Global Awards.

Adding to her accolades, Natasha was crowned queen and title partner at the Influential Women of the Year Awards 2023 in Cape Town and Durban. She further graced the role of Brand Ambassador for the Influential Women of the Year awards in Gauteng in September 2023. Natasha received the Top IP Leader award at the IPR Gorilla Conference in Dubai 2023, showcasing her outstanding leadership in the field. NMA IP secured the SA trademark litigation firm of the year in the Middle East Africa (MEA) Business Awards 2023. Natasha has been recognized as one of the top 25 women in trademarks at the DigitalConfex IP and Legal Confex in Malaysia in 2024, further solidifying her reputation in the field.

Natasha's journey is not only one of professional success but also a celebration of resilience, achievement, and a commitment to making a positive impact.

Natasha Mohunlal and Associates

Our Purpose and Direction

Intellectual Property Insights

“Explore trademark protection, copyright risks, metaverse impact, intellectual piracy in Russia, AI in patenting, international sanctions, trade secrets, and trademarks in franchising through our insights. ”

Mission Statement

“To serve as trusted guardians of intellectual property, providing solutions that empower individuals, businesses, and creators. We aim to preserve and enforce the rights that drive innovation and creativity in a rapidly evolving global landscape ”

Vision Statement

“To be the preeminent intellectual property law firm, recognized globally for our commitment to safeguarding and upholding intellectual property rights, pioneering innovative legal solutions, and leaving a lasting impact on the world of intellectual property. ”


“As technology evolves, prioritizing the protection of intellectual property is crucial. Our steadfast dedication to safeguarding and upholding intellectual property rights remains a driving force in making a substantial impact. ”

Practice Areas

Our Offerings

Our trademark and company registration solutions transcend geographical boundaries, encompassing clients worldwide.


Conducting pre-filing searches of the South African Trade Marks register is advisable before registering a trademark to ensure availability and identify potential conflicts with existing marks.

South African Filings

Our firm offers assistance with the registration process for trademarks in South Africa, starting with filing an application in the relevant class and guiding clients through examination, acceptance, publication, and registration.

International Filings

We provide Intellectual Property Services, extending trade mark protection across the African continent and internationally, collaborating with a network of global agents for comprehensive coverage.

Recordals of Change

Our firm can handle recordals of various changes on the South African Trade Marks Register, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.


We assist in transferring ownership of intellectual property rights through assignments, ensuring proper documentation and recordals on the Trade Mark Register for validity against third parties.


Trade Marks can be renewed indefinitely in successive 10-year periods, contingent on regular use and payment of prescribed renewal fees.

Trade Mark Portfolio Management

Utilizing our high-rated intellectual property rights software, LAW FIRM PRACTICE, we efficiently manage and administer multiple clients' portfolios locally and internationally.

Trade Mark Litigation

Our firm provides support in Trade Mark infringement matters, Unlawful competition, Passing-off, and Cancellation proceedings.


Patent law governs new inventions, granting exclusive rights to inventors for 20 years, allowing them to sell or license their inventions.


Registered designs protect the unique appearance of articles, encompassing novel three-dimensional features and two-dimensional features applied through an industrial process.


Copyright automatically subsists upon completion of a work, without the need for registration, provided certain requirements are met.

Commercialization of IP

We offer services related to the commercialization of Intellectual Property, facilitating the strategic use and monetization of clients' IP assets.

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Business Startups

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Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with confidence and a strong foundation provided by our Basic Startup Package.
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Elevate your startup's journey with our Standard Startup Package, thoughtfully crafted to empower your business from the ground up.
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Perfect for those seeking a sophisticated start, this package positions your business for success from day one.
Natasha Mohunlal and Associates

Service Excellence

Clients recognize us for our distinctive qualities, and they select our services based on our pragmatic and business-oriented approach. We meticulously acquaint ourselves with our clients, thoroughly understanding their businesses and objectives. This deep understanding positions us perfectly to provide inventive intellectual property solutions.

Influential Women Mag

Natasha Mohunlal

IPR Gorilla Awardee

Awarded to Natasha in 2022

IPR Gorilla Awardee

Awarded to Natasha in 2023
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